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All Lilly & Abbie products are machine washable! We also pre-wash all of our fabric so you don't have to worry about it shrinking.

Simply use a mild detergent, machine wash with cold water, and hang to dry. Our Waterproof liners for our custom dog beds help keep the inserts clean and the liners are machine washable as well. 

Have any questions or concerns? 

We’re always ready to help!



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Because all Lilly & Abbie products are custom and one of a kind we do not accept returns. If you're worried about what the end product will look like please send us an email. We're happy to send you fabric swatches or take pictures for you. Check out our Reviews Page as well. You're basically guaranteed to love your Lilly and Abbie Product ;)

Design Tips

Where does your product live?


When designing your new dog bed think about the room it is going in and the colors in that room. Do you want your bed to match the colors in the room or be an accent color to the room? 



Scroll through all fabrics first.


Choosing from over 250 fabrics can be overwhelming! Take your time and scroll through all of the fabrics first.

Look for colors and patterns that you like. 



Start with the Main Fabric.

Decide what fabric you want to use for the main part of the bed and go from there. Then choose the boxing (sides) fabric. The piping is a very small portion of the bed and you won't see the pattern of the fabric as much as the colors. You can also choose the same fabric for all parts of the bed.

Reach out to the experts. 


Remember, this is what we do for a living! We have a lot of experience in this and are here to help you design the perfect pet bed. You can send us pictures of your house or any design inspiration you have. We are happy to help you pick fabrics and give you advice. 


Don't be scared!


We've made hundreds of Lilly & Abbie products and we've never seen one that we didn't like. Our clients have picked some pretty strange fabric combos and it always looks beautiful when it's all together. 


Order Samples.

We offer free samples! If you're not sure about a color or pattern, or how different fabrics will go together, order samples. You can test the fabric in the room it's going in and make sure you like it in person.  

Size Chart
size chart.jpg

If you don't see a size above that works for we're happy to make you a custom size

Every dog is different and every dog sleeps different. Please keep in mind the way your dog likes to sleep when selecting your size. When in doubt, size up! And don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us for advice.

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