Design your own custom dog bed or dog bed pillow, or shop our pre-designed pillow beds.

Custom Dog Bed

Design your own custom dog bed from over 250 different fabrics or try a designer collection!

Custom Pillow Bed

Design your own custom dog bed pillow. Choose from over 250 different fabrics. 

Designer Pillow Beds

Choose from these 3 gorgeous pre-designed pillow beds in Nutmeg, Buffalo or Black. 

Custom dog Bed Pillow

I have to say I have had my Lilly & Abbie bed for over a year now:)  It hasn’t lost its color or shape:)

At the time I bought the bed I had one bulldog, now I have 3:)  In that time I have purchased 5 beds from pet shops and all  have been ruined by the dogs or just have lost firmness and shape:( but not my Lilly bed, looks as good as I bought it!!  All the dogs sleep on it:)  I wish I didn’t try to save money and buy cheaper ones as I could have bought one here adding up all the wrecked beds:(


They are worth every cent:)

Selena, Australia



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